PhD, Applied Agronomic and biological sciences

Marnik Vanclooster

Expertise: Prof. Dr. Marnik Vanclooster is professor and researcher at Université catholique de Louvain
( He made his Ph.D. in soil physics and develops research projects in the area of water resources engineering, agricultural water management and vadose zone hydrology. His major research focus is the study of transport processes of water and chemicals from agricultural origin in the soil-water continuum. He has 20 years of experience in executing and leading research projects at the national level, at the EU level and elsewhere (in particular the Maghreb and central Africa). He is head of the Environmental Sciences Department of the Earth and Life Institute of the UCL. He was elected chair of the Vadose Zone Division at the European Geophysical Union (2011-2013), is elected chair of the Belgian commission for the UNESCO – International Hydrologic Program (2013-2016), past member of the editorial board of the ‘Journal of Hydrology’ and  the ‘Vadose Zone Journal’, and current member of the editorial board of ‘Agricultural Water Management’ and ‘Hydrology and Earth Sciences Systems Journal (HESS)’